Chemo #1 Here we go

Well here it goes……it is now Tuesday and I finally feel like I can sit and write a few things.  This time has been a bit different, nausea sucks.  I feel like I am pregnant without a bouncing bundle coming in 9 months.  I told Brittany I wish I were pregnant, even at 57, then I could just give her the baby.  She thought raising a brother or sister as her own would be weird. Stacey?

It is now Tuesday and I am feeling better than I thought I would.  I was able to work about 5 hours yesterday and I think I can get 6 or 7 in today.  I figured I could sit on the lounge chair watching mindless TV and feel gross or I can sit in my office chair with mindless TV on but actually work and forget that I feel crappy.  One actually pays and the other doesn’t.

Going to try and attach some photo’s and a video.  Wish me luck.

Me and one of my amazing nurses Maria.
Me and one of my amazing nurses Maria.


Chemo #1
Chemo #1 – note the hair – most likely won’t be there Chemo #2